• Establish a Mission Statement
  • Outline your company story
  • Reveal how you have evolved
  • State your aha moment
  • Explain who you serve
  • Explain what you are offering them
  • Describe your values

Mission Statement

Sacola aims to provide a unified interface for non-custodial multichain assets with interoperability, easy and quick to use swap of assets between different blockchain systems.

Our genesis

Sacola started out as the premier solution end-to-end solution provider for Rubix blockchain with services ranging from Wallet services, Smart Contract solutions, NFT marketplace and DApps development and hosting platform.

Path forward

Rubix being a relative late entrant to the blockchain space, there is an imminent need for it to work well with other blockchains. The bridge between Rubix and Polygon / Ethereum paved the way for us to develop interoperability solutions as a pivot for integral solutions.

Lower user confidence on Custodial wallet solutions after the crash of FTX and other central exchanges have led us to offer a complete non-custodial wallet platform for our users.