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Why Choose Sacola

CryptoCurrencies are now mainstay in investment portfolios. With multiple cryptocurrencies in the market, maintaining wallets and remembering your keys is a big task. Sacola simplifies holding multiple crypto assets and will give you a single, simple, intuitive, easy to to use interface to manage it all. Keeping the maxim “Not your keys, not your wallet” in mind, Sacola will provide you with completely non-custodial wallet service. Register and set your mind at ease.

Access from anywhere

Native mobile apps and browser add ons will allow you to access Sacola from anywhere - even when you are on the move

Secure First Approach

Your wallets and your currencies are fully protected. With Web3 auth and keys with you approach, you are the master of your wallet - always.

No Transfer fees

Rubix revolutionises blockchain economics with zero gas-fees. Sacola takes it forward in spirit.

Omni Chain access

Manage all your crypto assets from a single interface and all secured. Manage your RBTs, BTCs, ETHs and many more on a single platform and transact freely without the risk of custodial wallets of the exchanges.

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