NFT Marketplace

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the entry points of the Web 3 world which the blockchain solutions are going to usher us into. Web 3 is the new paradigm of User controllable contents when the creator of digital assets retains firm control and is able to maximise the revenue opportunities.

NFTs have become a powerful buzzword and has captured the imagination of many Crypto aficionados. However, we at Sacola believe that NFTs are still in its nascent stage and there are many exciting opportunities and business use cases that will emerge in the near future. One of the key limiting factors of NFT trading is its very high transaction fees (especially when it is transported across different Blockchains).

Rubix with its superior zero gas-fees model will offer its users with substantially lower Total Cost of Acquisition for both the buyer and the seller of NFTs.

Sacola offers its users the ability to mint NFTs, trade in them and wherever necessary migrate NFTs minted on Rubix Blockchain into other Blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon etc.

On the NFT Marketplace, we will be offering the full range of trading features such as:

  • Direct selling of NFTs: The registered users of Sacola will be able to sell their NFTs to other Rubix users. If the buyer is also subscribed to Sacola (having the wallet in Sacola) then there will be no transfer fee charged.
  • Auction: The seller can initiate an auction to sell the NFTs. Various features of the auction is explained more in the auction page and in the FAQs