Wallet services

Shared Wallet

Shared wallets as against hosted wallets addresses a different set of users who are cost conscious. To address this need we have created a unique solution where all the securities of a hosted wallet is provided to the user. However shared wallets cannot function as independently as hosted wallets. The main limitation of this is that the wallet will not operate as a validator.

The Shared wallets are stored on a central wallet and each user is identified by a User Key rather than by a DID key. The subscription to a shared wallet is free of cost. This wallet is ideal for those having less number of tokens say around 50 tokens

Hosted Wallet

When you use a hosted wallet, Sacola maintains a separate wallet for each of the cryptocurrencies that you wish to have. Each of the wallet is distinctly maintained with its DID address (in case of Rubix) and separate wallet addresses for other currencies. Sacola will be offering high end security such as private key encryption, FIDO 2 based authentication, Multi-factor authentication to ensure that your access is completely safe and the assets cannot be transferred without your knowledge.

Each hosted wallet is maintained in a separate Virtual Machine on our servers. Sacola charges Rs. 3,000 per month or Rs. 15,000 half yearly or Rs. 25,000 annually for the hosted wallets. Each of the hosted wallet will have its own Decentralized ID Key. This wallet is ideal for those having a large number of tokens in their wallets, say more than 50 tokens.

NFT Market place

Sacola NFT Marketplace is built upon Rubix’s NFT functionality. This offers the users an easy and cost efficient way to
Mint their NFTs
Store their NFTs
Buy and Sell the NFTs
Port the Rubix NFTs into Polygon / Ethereum blockchains from where it can be traded on other NFT marketplaces

NFTs are special tokens which contain meta information of the underlying digital assets which could be in the form of media files (an Image, a Video clip, an Audio clip) or even a document. The NFT can optionally store the entire media file within itself. However, considering storage optimisations, Rubix NFT allows for the files to be stored off-chain. The tight coupling of Rubix with IPFS allows efficient storage and retrieval of the associated files using IPFS.

NFT Bridge

Sacola offers bridge to port the NFTs minted on Rubix to other blockchains such as Ethereum / Polygon.

The users should configure Ethereum / Polygon wallet addresses to which the NFT will be transferred. The transfer fees if any will be to the account of the user.