Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are autonomous programs that are automatically triggered when an event occurs. By committing the programs into a Blockchain system, the immutability of the programs are guaranteed and therefore can be used as Promises between two parties.

Smart Contracts have been visualised as the building blocks of future of Financial Contracts since the need for a third party guarantor is eliminated and therewith the very high fee associated with the guarantee services.

Rubix with its superior zero gas-fees model will offer its users with substantially lower Total Cost of Acquisition for both the buyer and the seller of NFTs.

Conventional blockchain systems which offer Smart Contract are also saddled with a very high cost of committing. In addition the volatile transaction fees (gas fees) make it difficult to estimate the final cost of transactions. The variance of cost can be a significant deterrent to wide adoption of Smart Contracts into business transactions.

Sacola, which is built upon Rubix – a zero gas fee platform, offers the services of developing, hosting smart contracts.